A Good Cause, A Great Adventure

The Beijing to Dragon's Head 24 hour Cycle Challenge

This is the first ever China based 24 hour cycle challenge, a sister ride to the London to Paris ride in Europe and Seattle to Portland ride in the US, where participants push themselves to the max to ride over 200 miles/320km in 24 hours or less!

Join us on (Date TBD) for this amazing event. Follow our hashtag #B2DH24 on Twitter or Instagram or click one of the links below.

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The Trip

A 24 hour cycle challenge from the Forbidden City in Beijing to the end of The Great Wall all to raise money for China based charity Education in Sight!
Historic Sights

The Cause - Education in Sight

Education in Sight's mission is to solve the problem of poor vision for every rural student in Yunnan province (~915,000) within the next two years. From there, they plan to expand province by province to the rest of China.

The EIS Model

The Three A's


Bringing optometrists directly to schools to perform eye exams


Providing free glasses to ensure every student receives corrected vision


Educating and engaging communities in proper eye care to promote long term change


Progress Since 2012